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50+ Advocacy Service

50+ advocacy service is a confidential, independent and impartial service in the Darlington area helping to have your voice heard on issues which are important to you.

Our Advocates will work with to support you to uphold your rights or represent your interests to help get the help and support that you need.

Alongside help with access to social care rights the Advocacy service offers support for people who have recently been bereaved, helping with practical advice, such getting help with funeral costs and other financial problems following a loss.

How we can help:

  • Carers rights

  • Obtaining equipment and services

  • Reassessment of decisions

  • Adaptions to accommodation

  • Challenging social decisions

  • Support during assessments

  • Help in bereavement

For further details

Please contact Mike Robinson

For self referral, or to refer a client to our service via our referral form:

 Advocacy referral form (External Link)

Covering the Darlington Area

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